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Cheap Tablets, Android Tablet PCs for all budgets

Buy the latest cheap tablets, tablets for sale. At MiniGadget, we are Android Tablet specialists so our product range includes the most up to date Android Media Tablet PCs, including capacitive or resistive screen 7 inch tablets and 10 inch tablets with the Android 4 ICS – Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Don't ask us why the odd name – Google name all their Android operating systems after sweets and desserts!

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Android Tablet PC Features

Tablet computer users find that cheap Android Tablet PCs offer an accessible way of browsing the internet, watching videos, listening to music and gaming. An Android pad in particular offers a practical and affordable alternative to much higher priced tablets such as the iPad. With the release of the Google Nexus 7, Android is getting more and more popular!
The flexibility Android offers is the wide range of tablets for sale...

Cheap Tablets processors

We offer a range of cheap tablets with processor speeds to suit every budget and requirement. Which are the best cheap tablets? choose tablets for sale in our budget tablet range that are ideal for a quick browse online or suitable for kids to much a higher specification epad designed with gaming and more serious use in mind.

7 inch Tablet or 9 inch Cheap Tablets for sale

Choose between a 7" Android tablet or a 10" Android tablet from our wide range of computer tablets. Both offer convenience and portability, a 7" is ideal for carrying around and is comfortable to use as an ebook reader whereas a 10" screen is great for watching movies.

Resisitive or capacitive touchscreen tablet?

Our cheapest Android tablet computers ensure touchscreen tablet technology is available to everyone! Choose a resistive touchscreen tablet for an affordable option, ideal for browsing online and sending the odd email, our resistive tablets are also suitable for popular Android games such as Angry Birds etc. Our capacitive touchscreen tablets are more responsive and ideal for those who require cheap tablets for more serious or work / business use.

We can help you find the best tablet for you

Our detailed product descriptions, gallery images, clear specifications and tablet reviews will help you decide which is the best cheap Android Tablet for you. We stock a range of tablets, to suit all requirements and all budgets.

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