Tablet Wi-Fi issues

For WiFi issues, firstly, please adjust the screen timeout option (as standard it may be set to 1-2 minutes) as when the screen goes to sleep, the whole device sleeps and disconnects from the internet which can be very annoying as you need to keep reconnecting all the time.  Ten minutes is a good length of time to choose because if you have not used it for 10 minutes then you would want it to conserve energy and you can always manually put it to sleep by pressing the power button.

To adjust the screen timeout please:

  1. Click ‘settings’
  2. Click ‘sound & display’
  3. Click ‘screen timeout’
  4. Then choose ‘10 minutes’ or whatever you prefer

Once you have changed the screen timeout please shut the device down and restart your wireless router and restart the Tablet.  Now edit the WiFi settings:

  1. Tap ‘Settings’ on the home screen
  2. Tap ‘Wireless & Networks’
  3. Tap ‘ WiFi Settings’
  4. Tap ‘WiFi’ – the box on the right ride of the screen should now be checked (have a green tick)
  5. The tablet will now scan for WiFi networks to join – if it cannot find any on the first scan please move closer to your router and try again (Tap ‘WiFi’ to turn it off then again to turn it back on).
  6. It should now show a list of available networks, please click the one you wish to join
  7. Enter your password – it is case sensitive (If you are a using a SKY router the passwords are usually in uppercase, so you need to click the shift key after each letter of the password) and you can check the ‘show password’ box to make sure you are entering the correct password.

You should now be connected to the internet and it will automatically connect from now on. However, if you continue to have problems please try moving closer to the router and trying again by turning WiFi off then on again (although you should only need to be close to the router the first time you ever connect).

If you receive the message “Unable to Scan For Networks”, this is most likely to be a hardware issue.  Please open a support ticket in the helpdesk section of our website and we can provide returns instructions for obtaining a repair / replacement / refund.

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